Our technology turns your smartphone into a  body insights scanner

Body fat percentage is one of the top predictors of long-term health. Yet access to accurate body composition results has been expensive and time consuming, or the more affordable solutions have been inconsistent and inaccurate.

Easy to use

Unlike other bodymapping solutions, our technology does not require a turntable, bodysuit, calipers, x-rays, or an appointment. Scanning takes 10 seconds, and results are delivered in minutes.

Step 1

Position your phone

Step 2

Follow prompts to get into position

Step 3

 Complete a 10-second spin

Customer benefits

Boost Motivation

Go beyond the scale to measure your progress

Easy Goal Setting

Predictive insights and accurate results help you set the right goals

Actionable Results

Trends which show your progress over time to understand what’s working


No bodysuits, turntables, expensive equipment, or appointments needed

Accurate and consistent

Body composition results are ±4.2% compared to DXA


Scanning takes 10 seconds and results are delivered in minutes

App features

Body metrics

Generates 16 body metrics including body fat percentage, lean mass percentage, and waist-to-hip ratio

3D Avatar

Realistic color avatar that looks just like you


See which areas you’ve gained or lost mass

Predictive insights

See how your body would look at different body compositions

Shareable results

Stay accountable or show off your progress

Third-party validated

Independently tested by the Energy Balance & Body Composition Laboratory at Texas Tech University