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See Your Best Self

The Next Generation of 3D Bodymapping

High fidelity body scans in 10 seconds using an iPhone

Our cutting edge software produces highly accurate body models using an iPhone camera and a non-rigid subject. The models can be used to calculate body fat percentage and changes in body composition.

Beyond scanning...
The Body Oracle

Our proprietary database of scans builds neural networks that can transform and annotate any scan. This is a simulation of how changes in body composition will affect a body shape.

How our technology works...

Single depth camera
Prism can supply a reference design for cameras and compute and relationships with camera OEMS
Non-rigid subjects
Our reconstruction system uses advanced techniques to work without rotating cameras or turntables
Robust segmentation
Put a depth camera in a bedroom or an office, we’ll pick out the subject and discard the noise.
Neural Networks
Our system can supply sophisticated analysis and metadata. We have an extensive database of hundreds of thousands of real-life scans to build a training library for neural networks to meet your specific needs.

Body scanning as a service

We believe there are many uses for body scans. Because the cameras are becoming so small and affordable, we have built our software to work with any existing hardware. We’ll work with you to add capabilities to your existing hardware designs, both via embedded software and cloud.

What we offer...

Reference Designs and Manufacturing support
We are working with depth camera manufacturers to ensure that the hardware they are already producing works with our software.
Embedded software
Our reconstruction pipelines can run locally
Cloud software APIs
Value added tools such as body composition measurement, Body Oracle, and specialized neural networks bring the power of the cloud to your hardware.
UI/UX flexibility
It is your end user and your platform. You get to decide the look and feel.