February 1, 2024

What is Prism Labs?

Learn more about how Prism can supercharge your mobile app

What is Prism Labs?

What is Prism Labs?    

Imagine a world where understanding your body's changes is as easy as taking a selfie. Prism is the ONLY  provider of accurate 3D bodymaps done with a front-facing mobile phone camera in 10 seconds. No need for heavy equipment, trained staff, or extra space. Our software will guide your users! They want  body fat percentage? We got that. They want to know the difference between their left and right bicep? Done. They want to know their waist size? ✅. Our AI-backed technology will give measurements along with realistic looking avatars, allowing users to see  what their body looks like from the front, back, top, and bottom in 3D! Our technology has been analyzed and validated by Texas Tech University and we are proud to bring it to you!

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Who are we? 

Prism’s team is composed of computer vision engineers, software engineers, machine learning engineers, researchers, fitness experts, and body scan experts who  are primarily based in America 🇺🇲 & Austria 🇦🇹. Our passion? To revolutionize the way you see and understand your body.

What can Prism do for you?    

Our mobile SDKs are perfect for any business with an existing mobile app. Our world has trackers for everything! From reps and steps to calories and pounds. But, what those trackers don't provide, is the ability to view even the smallest of changes that your customer’s  hard work is having ON THEIR ACTUAL BODY!  Sure, they may feel better, but seeing is believing! Prism can help elevate your business by providing your users with insight into their bodies that will help them make the best health decisions for themselves. By seeing real change, you will have a higher chance of retaining users  because they can see the change in their bodies via our bodymapping technology that shows, in color, where the changes in their bodies have occurred.

Want to learn more? Reach out to us! Team Prism is ready to chat! Email us at