June 5, 2023

Post-Launch Buzz: Customer Feedback and Media Mentions

A round-up of what people are saying about our 3D bodymapping technology in Tempo's new app

Post-Launch Buzz: Customer Feedback and Media Mentions

Last week our 3D bodymapping technology launched in Tempo’s revamped app. Our team has been working diligently to make this product something people love, which makes it truly exciting to start getting feedback from customers out in the real world!

What Tempo's customers are saying

Feedback flooded into Tempo's community Facebook group post launch - read a snapshot of their posts below.

In the first 48 hours after launch, Tempo customers completed thousands of body scans. Here’s some highlights of what they had to say:

“Wow!! The body scan is amazing!! Great job, Tempo. I’m excited about working out again!!

“I just did the new body scan feature and wow! I had a bod pod recently (the gold standard for measuring body composition) and this new body scan was right in line with the bod pod results. I’m shocked as usually these things tend to be way off. Excited for this new feature! Now to work on the results I got.

My scan was wildly accurate! Love this!! BRAVO Tempo! Being a user from the very beginning this is so exciting to see the leaps forward over the years”

I just did the body scan and it is so cool! And surprisingly accurate (some areas unfortunately so, lol)”

“I just compared my Tempo body scan to a recent BodySpec DEXA scan I did three weeks ago and it’s shockingly accurate. Amazing!”

“I did a body scan and must say… Impressive

“This update is amazing. I have been away for a while and the scale is showing it. I am so motivated again. Thank you Tempo. I did the body scan and can not believe it. AMAZING. Don’t like the results but it seems pretty accurate. Can’t wait to see improvements.”

“Wow. Just… WOW. Tempo!!!!!!! You have outdone yourselves!! I did my scan yesterday before finishing my Sculpt and Shred pt assessment and was blown away by the tech. After working in fitness marketing for years and having access to all the amazing tech that’s out there (including help launch an app for a fitness brand that shall not be named) I can solidly say that this Body Scan feature is an absolute game changer”

“Love this new update! I did the body scan today and compared the results with my smart weight scale and the body fat, lean mass etc numbers are very close to what I get on the smart scale”

“I did the body scanning and it told me a lot, so back on the mat it is! 🏋🏻‍♀️💪👏”

Making headlines

It’s not just customers who are talking. 

The Verge’s article lead with body scanning in their headline “Tempo’s new take on AI personal training adds 3D body scans and dynamic reps”

From the article “I watched as a Tempo trainer spun around in a circle, and then poof, a 3D image appeared in the app itself. According to Eldeeb, the app takes 150 photos to reconstruct your body, and using your weight, height, and gender, it can estimate how much lean muscle mass and body fat you have. Plus, it provides body measurements (i.e., biceps, calves, quads, etc.) The idea is so you can measure your progress — whether it be losing fat, gaining muscle, or both — without resorting to a number on the scale.” 

PC Mag highlighted body scanning as a proof point for Tempo’s fitness technology effectiveness. “the Tempo 2.0 iPhone app also features an AI-powered body composition measurement tool to help you monitor your starting point and progress. Tempo is so confident about its new AI personal training experience that it's guaranteeing results in four weeks.”

Connected the Watts leaned into how body scanning data can be used by Tempo to create personalized workout plans. 

Watch this section of their review here.

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From our partner, Tempo

Why us?  Here’s what Tempo CEO, Moiwai Eldeeb, has to say:

"Prism Labs' body insights technology is a game changer because it helps our users measure and track their results using a mobile phone, providing insights much more indicative of progress than the number on a scale. When looking for a partner, we wanted a solution that was easy to integrate with our mobile experience, and that had accuracy that was validated in a laboratory. The Prism technology and feature set is unrivaled, and the team was great to work with."

Let’s talk!

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