May 22, 2024

Independent Study Finds Prism Labs 40% More Precise than Leading Two-Photo System

A new publication in the prestigious European Journal of Clinical Nutrition places Prism Labs' technology ahead in terms of precision

Independent Study Finds Prism Labs 40% More Precise than Leading Two-Photo System

A recent study published in the prestigious European Journal of Clinical Medicine has shown that the Prism Labs body scanning solution is 40% more precise than both expensive depth-based solutions and 2-photo mobile solution.

The Prism system is a groundbreaking 3D human-reconstruction technology, pioneering in its ability to function with a moving subject. This capability allows for an efficient mobile user experience, generating up to 150 images evenly distributed across a full 360° sequence in less than 10 seconds. This user experience is easier and less error prone for users than a 2-photo system, while providing an order of magnitude more input data to the system. The Prism Labs’ system consists of three primary stages: segmentation (isolating the subject from the background), frame-to-frame correspondence, and non-rigid reconstruction. This system is the first of its kind, composed of multiple innovative neural networks trained on extensive datasets of real-world human bodies. Prism Labs' system stands alone in its precise frame-to-frame correspondences and a novel solution to the “structure-from-motion” problem, making it the only system capable of accurate and precise 3D reconstruction with non-rigid, dynamic subjects.

Why precision matters for body composition

A useful illustration of precision vs accuracy. B is precise but not accurate and D is precise and accurate.

Body scanning captures trends in body shape and composition. Just like the number on a scale when you weigh yourself, a circumference or body fat percentage reading will have some amount of measurement error on top of the usual day-to-day fluctuations of the human body. When a measurement is less precise, it is harder to measure the underlying trends because the large measurement error will overshadow the underlying result. In practice, an imprecise measurement tool will cause your users to lose faith in your technology, causing serious damage to your brand.

How to evaluate precision yourself

If you are looking at various mobile body scanning technologies, try scanning yourself 3 or 4 times in rapid succession in the same spot wearing the same clothes. It is important to wear tight clothes (tops and bottoms) to get precise scans. Also, try measuring yourself in different lighting conditions. If the measurement numbers are coming back all over the place, your measurement system has a precision problem. We’ve designed and built the Prism Labs solution to be as precise as possible and independent laboratory tests prove that our solution is significantly better than previous 2-photo solutions.

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