May 17, 2024

Build the “Wow Effect” into Your Product for Growth

Learn how Prism's 3D bodymapping tech can make your app stand out

Build the “Wow Effect” into Your Product for Growth

By Steve Raymond | May 17, 2024 

Steve is the CEO of Prism Labs

Andrew Chen, the godfather of growth, revolutionized internet-based marketing a decade ago with his blog post "Growth Hacker is the New VP of Marketing." Recently, he revisited his groundbreaking work to assess the current state of growth marketing ten years later. His key insight: getting people to try a new app is MUCH harder today. Read Andrew Chen's latest update here.

The Challenge in 2024

In 2024, the landscape has changed significantly. We are in the final stages of the mobile S-curve, and scarcity has replaced abundance. The novelty drive has waned, especially on mobile, where users are reluctant to try new apps. Their home screens — and minds— are cluttered with apps they've accumulated over the past decade. Developers are now competing with a formidable lineup of highly engaging and addictive apps, from messaging and short-form video to round-the-clock email.

With many categories saturated by established players, the bar has shifted. It's no longer enough to build a product that "works"—it must deliver a "wow effect."

To achieve growth in 2024, your product needs to be "radically different" rather than just functional. You also need to find marketing messages and channels that stand out. What does your product do that your competitors’ can’t?

Enter Prism Labs

Prism Labs’ scanning technology can be your key to unlocking new growth for your mobile apps. We've developed the most comprehensive, precise, and accurate methodology for measuring body composition and tracking changes in the human body. Our technology can predict how users' bodies will change if they follow a fitness or weight-loss program.

A ten-second scan produces a millimeter-accurate 3D model, delivering an immediate "wow effect." Tracking trends in body composition keeps users motivated and provides your product team with a rich proprietary data set to continuously improve your app. Growth will be driven by word-of-mouth and influencer marketing that highlights the real, tangible results your product delivers.

In today's competitive market, it's not just about meeting user needs—it's about exceeding their expectations and creating memorable experiences that they can't help but share.

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