Introducing Prism Labs

November 11, 2021
Introducing Prism Labs

At Prism Labs, the cutting edges of computer vision, machine learning, depth cameras, and human physiology are being fused into powerful software solutions that will transform the fitness and wellness industries and lead the way towards the reliable and robust capture of human performance in the metaverse.

Why do we need accurate 3D body scanning?

Fitness: track how important physical metrics such as body fat% are responding to diet and exercise

Wellness: evaluate posture, mobility,body composition etc.

Apparel: unlock made to measure logsitics

Metaverse: get an easy and accurate 3D version of yourself that can be animated via game engines.

Introducing single-camera 3D human reconstruction software

3D human reconstruction has been possible for a while, but it has been clumsy and expensive. Most approaches have required complicated and costly hardware setups with multiple cameras and clumsy user interfaces. At Prism Labs we asked the question “How do we achieve the same level of accuracy with a single camera? The answer is Prism Labs Monocle. We used cutting edge computer vision techniques and proprietary neural networks to deliver best-in-class scanning with no specialized hardware required.

The depth camera revolution

Automated manufacturing, mobile phones, and self-driving cars are all driving the development of cameras that are becoming smaller, cheaper, and more powerful. In addition to returning color information, depth cameras return hyper-accurate depth maps that our software transforms into 3D human models. We are plugging into existing hardware and manufacturing ecosystems so building 3D human scanning capabilities into any hardware solution is straightforward and scalable.

Body Oracle

Building a scanner is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you have the ability to scan humans quickly and reliably, you can start to build your databases and develop proprietary insights. We can help!

For example, we used our existing database of hundreds of thousands of scans and a neural network to develop the How Will I Look feature. Available as a software service, we can return a transformed scan that shows a subject what their body will look like if they put on muscle or lose fat.

Start scanning

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